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EverQuest II CCG
Компания Sabertooth Games распространила пресс-релиз о планируемом выпуске новой коллекционной карточной игры на основе MMORPG EverQuest II:

April 24, 2003 (TUKWILA, WA) - Sabertooth Games Inc. (a subsidiary of Games Workshop Group PLC) today announced that it has signed a deal to create a collectible card game (CCG) based on Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming EverQuestR II computer game . The game, tentatively titled Guild Wars will allow fans of EverQuest and the upcoming EverQuest II to experience the fantasy world of Norrath in a brand new way. In the game, players will take on the roll of prominent guilds battling for prestige on a "server." Guild Wars will be released a month before the launch of the EverQuest II (www.everquest2.com) game, allowing players a sneak peek at the content of the highly-anticipated
massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

"The EverQuest franchise is the dominant brand in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game category, and having seen much of the upcoming content in EverQuest II, we can see that dominance will continue far into the future," said Robert Watts, CEO of Sabertooth Games, Inc. "We know that lots of current and past fans of the EverQuest franchise are also fans of collectible card games, which makes this a natural product for Sabertooth Games."

"The popularity of fantasy-based collectible card games has grown exponentially over the last four years since EverQuest initially launched, and the timing is perfect for Sabertooth Games to bring our brand and lore to the fans in an entirely new way, " said Mark Chuberka, director of business development at Sony Online Entertainment, Inc. "Sabertooth is creating a fun, high-quality, collectible card game that will deliver engaging gameplay for all who play Guild Wars."

About Sabertooth Games Inc
Seattle based Sabertooth Games Inc is best known as the designer, developer and publisher of the popular Warhammer 40,000 CCG, the WarCry CCG and the upcoming Lord of the Rings Tradeable Miniatures Game. The company is led by Robert Watts who has spent more than 25 years in the Adventure Game industry where he has run such companies as Ral Partha, Target/Heartbreaker, and the US Games Workshop operations. In January 2002 the company became a subsidiary of Games Workshop Group PLC.

About Sony Online Entertainment
Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Digital Inc., is a recognized worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online games. SOE creates, develops and provides compelling entertainment for the personal computer, online, game console and wireless markets. Known for its blockbuster franchise, EverQuestR, SOE continues to redefine the business of online gaming and the creation of active player communities while introducing new genres on various entertainment platforms. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, with additional development studios in Austin, TX and St. Louis, MO, SOE has an array of cutting-edge online games in development such as PlanetSideT, Star Wars GalaxiesT and the highly anticipated EverQuestR II.

EverQuest is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. SOE and the SOE logo are registered trademarks and PlanetSide is a trademark of Sony Online Entertainment Inc.

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