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The Sargona Company was founded in 1997 by Igor Klokov, who is at present the President of the company. Nowadays we have a head office in Moscow and branch offices in St. Petersburg and Kiev (Ukraine). About twenty employees work in the head office and fifteen people work in branch offices. Now the biggest departments in the head office are Sales and Marketing departments.

The Sales dept. is staffed with 5 specialists each of them is responsible for specific activity (major dealers, retail stores, gaming centers etc.).

Four highly trained and experienced specialists work hard as a team to promote the whole range of products the company distributes and make our products well recognized and favorite. They are Marketing department.

Moreover we have two own gaming centers in Moscow, one in St. Petersburg and one in Kiev. In 1998 we signed an official agreement with Wizards of the Coast (Wizards of the Coast is a subsidiary company of Hasbro Inc., the world's biggest publisher of hobby games, fantasy books, the owner of one of the biggest national game trading networks) and began distributing their products in the territory of Russia. Starting from 2000 we started distributing in Ukraine and Byelorussia.

At present we have official distribution agreements with such well-known companies as Sabertooth Games, Alderac Entertainment Group, Ultra Pro, Safe Albums, Dice & Games and some domestic companies involved in products for children business successfully distributing:
  • trading card games;
  • board games;
  • stickers and sticker albums;
  • role playing games;
  • fantasy literature;
  • miniatures;
  • dice;
  • accessories for different games
All the time we made and how make incessant efforts aimed at spreading and strengthening our distribution network and by now only in Russia we have a dealer network in 50 cities and towns as well as some dealers and stores in 20 cities of Ukraine and 3 cities of Byelorussia. Each dealer has its own distribution network. We distribute our products through the best Russian network and chains: toy stores, book stores, multimedia stores, audio-video stores, computer stores, super- and hypermarkets and our own unique core network.

In recent times Sargona successfully entered the local market with Pokemon trading card game and stickers (Sandylion), Ќarry Potter Trading card game, movie cards as well as stickers and sticker albums (Panini).

We have over 5 years experience in organization and running tournaments of different levels aimed at supporting and developing of particular products on the market. This year we held Magic:The Gathering 5th National Championship which attracted over 120 best players from Russia. The 3rd National Championship of Ukraine which attracted over 100 best players of this country.

Since 1999 Sargona take active part in different state programs on the organization of free time of children, teenagers and youth.  
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