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AEG: d20 System Supperment RELICS 890,00?.

SKU #8516
FORMAT: 128 pages, B/W, Perfect bound
Magic is power.
Since the dawn of role playing games, magical artifacts have held a special place in the lore of fantasy gaming. Some of the most popular items amongst gamers are powerful, unique artifacts whose detailed histories and unique traits cause them to stand out from the pack of magical swords, potions, and other items. Relics presents a bevy of artifacts that DMs can insert into their games. Each artifact includes a detailed history, complete rules for its use, and adventure hooks to inspire the imagination and enrich a d20 campaign.

  • A complete toolbox for DMs looking to add detail to their campaigns or develop new adventures and plot lines.
  • Dozens of new magical artifacts for use in d20 games.
  • A wide spread of artifact types, from weapons and armor to strange, otherworldly items that defy easy categorization.
  • Adventure ideas that can lead to anything from a simple one-night game session to an epic yearlong campaign

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WodPortal (German)

Crown of the Ironridge Thane, page 31
The chart printed on page 31 is incorrect. Below is the actual chart that should have been printed.

D20 Effect
1 Transform into a dwarf.
2-4 +/- 1 inch in height until 4 feet tall.
5-7 +1 inch worth of facial hair.
8-9 +/- 5 feet until base speed is 20 feet.
10 Acquire darkvision 120 ft.
11 Acquire the stonecunning ability of dwarves and suffer a -1 morale penalty (maximum -1) to all rolls when outside.
12 +1 racial bonus (maximum +4) to saving throws against poison, but requires a Will save (DC 20) to drink anything that the wearer hasn't poured himself.
13-14 +1 racial bonus (maximum +4) on saving throws against spells and spell-like effects and a -1 morale penalty (maximum -4) to all skill checks involving arcane spellcasters.
15-16 +1 racial bonus to attack rolls (maximum +4) and a -1 morale penalty (maximum -4) to Charisma checks involving orcs and goblinoids.
17 +1 dodge bonus (maximum +4) to AC and a -1 morale penalty (maximum -4) to all Charisma checks involving giants.
18 +1 Constitution (maximum +4) and -1 Charisma (maximum -4).
19 +1 racial bonus (maximum +5) on Appraise checks involving rare but wearer must make a Will save (DC 20) or covet anything of value worth more than 100 gp that he encounters.
20 1 racial bonus (maximum +5) to Craft checks involving stone or metal but must make a Will save (DC 20) or suffer a -1 morale penalty to all Charisma-based skill checks involving anyone wearing armor.

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